Big Moves For IPL-Style League in Australia

The Daily Telegraph has details on what could be the most important “most crucial 48 hours” in Cricket Australia‘s recent history. Basically, CA is hoping to build an IPL-style league to launch in 2012, but it must decide if it can allow Indian invesments (two states have already lined up millions in support):

Chief executive James Sutherland has described the setting up of the tournament as “the most significant development since World Series Cricket” and is fully aware state bodies have threatened to establish a breakaway competition if the overseas investors are turned away.

“It’s a moment as big, if not bigger, than the Kerry Packer moment when his role resulted in ODI cricket taking off and basically funding the development of Australian and world cricket for 25 or so years,” CA spokesman Peter Young said last night.

Implications are big: competition with the IPL (players go back and forth between two leagues)? Where do ODIs go?



3 thoughts on “Big Moves For IPL-Style League in Australia

  1. Mahek says:

    It can’t be in competition with the IPL for the simple reason that there can’t be any cricket in Australia during the IPL season.

  2. Agree with Mahek above. It won’t be practical. Although I can envision another league as lucrative as the IPL and more players drawn towards it than their country fixtures.

    Blogrolled you DB, would be happy if you could add my link as well –

  3. duckingbeamers says:

    Elegant Stroke — will add you as well. Thanks.

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