Six Degrees Of Bookie Connections: Suresh Raina Edition

Hanging out with bookies is a definite no-no, I agree. But this sub-head from the Times of India is absolutely hilarious:

ICC is probing why BCCI kept quiet about a report of Suresh Raina being seen in the company of a woman linked to an associate of an illegal bookmaker.

Got that? Raina apparently hung out with someone who was linked to someone who knew an illegal bookie. And the ICC is wondering why the BCCI kept quiet about this. Read the whole story here.

3 thoughts on “Six Degrees Of Bookie Connections: Suresh Raina Edition

  1. Som says:

    I guess ICC is peeved that BCCI got the first glimpse of the lady and not ICC. Come on, not done!

  2. tonga says:

    I hope its just a rubbish as BCCI said.

  3. raj says:

    Desparate – aren’t the icc and western media outlets.
    Watch out for aussie and english bloggers desparately flogignh this and two-three years down the line remind us that “remember the time Raina was let off by nbcci after being caught resd handed accepting money from bookies”

    The depths to which some people can sink…

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