Bowlers Are Such Delicate Creatures

Nathan Hauritz offers a self-evaluation on his performance in the Mohali Test. Really, it’s more of an explanation for his sub-par performance:

“I have been working on a few different things, to try to attack the stumps a little bit more from a wider angle,” Hauritz told AAP. “Generally I’ve been a little bit tighter towards the stumps throughout my career, and we just spoke about trying to get the ball at a wider angle, sort of like what Harbhajan [Singh] does, trying to get the ball to drift in, instead of drifting away. That stuffed me around a little bit with my body and my rhythm.”

Two things: first, Hauritz, don’t try to copy Harbhajan. And don’t try to experiment when your captain is searching for his first Test win in a country. If you get another chance, I suggest you work on doing what you do well. Just saying.

But secondly, my Lord, why are bowlers such unbelievable prima donnas? Hauritz tried to change the drift of his ball, and that completely shot his rhythm? Ishant Sharma said something similar recently, when he blamed a snag in his run-up — I think he said he lost two steps, or something small like that — for his terrible form.

OK. No doubt, athletes are precious creatures, who need to take care of their bodies. And, yes, bowling is a mysterious art (known only to members of the Commonwealth, it seems). But in this era of hyper-coaching and video review, I think bowlers should keep one piece of advice — taken from the scriptures of Sehwagology: see wicket, bowl wicket.


One thought on “Bowlers Are Such Delicate Creatures

  1. In bowling – simple mistakes can screw you up pretty quickly. Hauritz is actually being quite honest here in his evaluation …and I don’t see it as a problem.. As the country’s main spinner, he can’t afford to be one-dimensional…he has to try out different things in a match situation.

    As for the ‘see wicket, bowl wicket’ advice – that certainly doesn’t work…as there is such a concept as setting the batsman up.

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