Mohammad Yousuf Is Annoying When…

…He feels he needs to join discussions to review umpire’s decisions. Ideally, you want only three people involved: the captain, the bowler and the wicketkeeper. Anyone else sticking their opinion into the debate is not helping.

And that ‘anyone else’ includes a certain someone, a.k.a. Yousuf, who has not played cricket in a while; nearly ruined a great team with his constant machinations and hare-brained captaincy; retired in a fit of pique only to return when his former colleagues looked weak.

Stay in the field and catch balls when they come to you, Yousuf. A century or two wouldn’t hurt either. That’s all we need from you.

One thought on “Mohammad Yousuf Is Annoying When…

  1. Hayley says:


    I work with the Barmy Army and saw your post, couldn’t agree more.

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