Bangladesh Team Once More Proves Itself Worthy Of Existence

Sure, it happens only once a year (or two), but the Bangladeshis have once again proven that they should not be taken lightly, least of all by England, previously known as vanquishers of the Australians.

Again, it’s just one game — and that too, an ODI one (the first in 21 outings against England to result in a victory, the Sky Sports statisticians tel us) — but it matters, not least because it proves wrong this little post from our friends at Cricket With Balls:

In other words, all England fans have to look forward to this month is three days of beating up a Bangladesh side who can’t even agree who their captain is supposed to be. I don’t know who arranges the international calendar, but whatever they are drinking, I want some.

No doubt, I’d prefer to watch England play Pakistan at this point, but what the hell: watching the Bangladeshis run around like mad after taking out Jimmy Anderson, only to watch a hobbling Ian Bell heroically descend on the field, and then to take out Jonathan Trott too — well, it’s fine cricket. England fans, feast on your reward.


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