Stop STAR Cricket Before It Hurts Me

I’m watching highlights of the England v. Australia ODI (the one that revealed Eoin Morgan as the savior of English cricket), and there’s a new annoying feature cricket broadcast producers have tacked on: a scroll bar at the top showing cricket news and trivia.

No, really! Not only do we have to contend with silly advertisements at every interval — or, for that matter, those that spring up even when a ball is bowled — but now we have a portion of the top of the screen taken up with sill, distracting nonsense. While it’s interesting to note that R. Binoy took the most number of wickets in the 1983 World Cup (who knew?), it doesn’t necessarily compete with watching Mon Nouvel Amour Morgan slamming the Australians to pieces.

Stop it.


One thought on “Stop STAR Cricket Before It Hurts Me

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