Gideon Haigh Is Kicking Ass And Taking Names

I’m trying not to link to stories on Cricinfo, since everybody reads the site already (and no doubt compulsively refreshes the page through the day). But Gideon Haigh’s pox-on-all-houses hit job the other day deserves a hyperlink and much more (awards! Pledges to reform! Parades! Insurgent candidacies! Sappy montages, etc.). A small excerpt:

In India, this situation has further entrenched itself in the 21st century because so many chief ministers or their proxies now run state associations, coveting membership of the BCCI, not out of an abiding commitment to cricket’s betterment but as a political credential: step forward some plump prize butterball turkeys in Sharad Pawar, Arun Jaitley, Farooq Abdullah, Narendra Modi and Laloo Prasad Yadav, to name but a few. Not that there isn’t something to be said for having a can-do politician in one’s corner, but it’s also an admission of a lack of faith in the fairness and efficiency of bureaucratic processes. And is this what India would wish to be known for?

One thought on “Gideon Haigh Is Kicking Ass And Taking Names

  1. imran says:

    Yousuf pathan is an opener but he is not getting opening place , he is dangerous player like sehwag but he do not get the opportunity to bat as an opener as DHONI and his friend RAINA do not want that he got the permanent seat in INDIAN TEAM , he got the opportunity of just 5 balls in the first match against zimbabwe as every one know that he is capable to destroy the zimbabwe so he get only 5 balls in the first match , and in the second match against srilanka he did not get the opportunity and in the third match he again get the position of number 8 player as this is just like that Indian team do not want him , they are promoting ravinder jadeja to show him superior than pathan .

    Just ask one question is there only one muslim is able to come in INDIAN TEAM out of 100 CRORE people .

    IRFAN pathan can bowl and can bat more batter than dinesh karthik, ravinder jadeja, and many other players but he do not get the oppotunity because he is also a MUSLIM

    Indian Cricket is doing the partiality in selection, they are just removing good players as they are MUSLIM , and it is their just a you can say MAJBOORI that is why they just include only one player as yusuf pathan and do not give the oppotunity to play many time .

    They today give him the opportunity on 4th place when they are in trouble against srilanka as srilanka bowlers are very good they wanted to get yusuf out cheaply but he made valuable 44 runs ,

    whenever the strong team comes or any danger comes they give the pathan in the front and when any weak team comes they just do not give the opportunity to him as he is muslim

    every body know the ability of yusuf but here in INDIAN team he is not getting support as he get in the IPL from shane warne , shane warne give him the confidence to play as he wants to play but here in INDIAN TEAM first he did not get the opportunity , once he get the opportunity , he always get the strong bowlers only.

    90% of the times you will see that he got runout by the mistake of his own partner . this is not a mistake , this is to grade down the yusuf

    write your comments on what you say.

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