That Indian T20 World Cup Brawl

Incredibly bizarre news from Cricinfo, re: Indian players scolded for fighting in a St. Lucia nightclub:

The incident took place on the evening of May 11, after India lost to Sri Lanka to ensure their elimination from the tournament. The players, who had been placed under restricted movement till then, were allowed to go out. A few – including some named in the report – went to a local nightclub where some Indian fans were also present. It is believed the fans, upset by the team’s performance, taunted the players, following which the situation escalated.

Incidentally, Biswal denied reports of the brawl when he returned to India. “There is no truth at all about the brawl. It is all media creation that is doing the rounds,” he said last week.

First of all, Indian fans hanging out in St. Lucia nightclubs, if you meet a collection of superstar athletes, it’s best to ask for an autograph, or offer to buy them a drink, rather than taunt them. This love-hate thing needs to cool down.

Second of all, Indian players, I realize you’re all 20-somethings eager to have some fun after being cooped up in a hotel. But the next time this stuff happens, turn up the Rihanna and start dancing. Or something. We’re not Australians. (Another tip: ask yourself, “What would Rahul Dravid do?” and act accordingly.)

Third: Kudos to Cricinfo staff for pointing out Biswal’s change-of-mind regarding the facts. As a journalist, I can tell you there’s nothing more satisfying than calling out sources when they tell you absolute bullshit.


2 thoughts on “That Indian T20 World Cup Brawl

  1. Som says:

    Biswal’s was a poor attempt. Now that BCCI is doling out punishment, it would make him look pretty silly.

  2. jootamaar says:

    Indian cricket team is so used to spending and wasting time in parties that they can not perform on the field. Here’s a post that explains the reasons why Indian cricket team lost the 3 games in the ICC World T20 cup:

    I’m sick and tired of our players, they are good for nothing. And what a shame, they are dancing, laughing, having fun in TV serials and TV commercials. HOW CAN THEY LAUGH AT ALL after such a performance? Shame!

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