The Minnow Count In The Twenty20 Cup

Sure, none of the minnow teams — Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Ireland, Afghanistan — look like progressing, a la 2007, but they all did rather well, no?

Zimbabwe had two victories in the warm-up matches (which, even though they don’t count officially, still hold some importance). Bangladesh nearly had Australia on its knees at one point (96/6, I think), and it only lost to Pakistan by 21 runs. Meanwhile, Ireland could have avenged Michael Collins against England had it not been for some rain, and Afghanistan — look,  90/5 — even against those wacky South Africans — that’s something big in your second match in a global tournament.

The minnows have done exactly what they’re supposed to — they gave some amount of entertainment and suspense (even hope), and then politely caved. But next year, they’ll be back for more.


One thought on “The Minnow Count In The Twenty20 Cup

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