The Awkward India-Afghanistan Twenty20 Encounter

Tough choice between the two teams, no? On the one hand, after all that IPL nonsense, it feels good to get behind the international barricades and root for your team in a typical jingoist fashion. But on the other, this Afghan team has done immensely well in a very short time. Yes, they’re an Associate team, but only a few years back, they were Division Five of the World Cricket League (whatever that is). In short notice, they’ve come to rival Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, UAE — all teams that have been on the block for ages now.

So, a compromise: I want India to win the match (if only because the World Cup will be dreadful without them). But I don’t want Afghanistan to be clobbered the way Ireland was tonight. Can a bookie arrange this for me?


One thought on “The Awkward India-Afghanistan Twenty20 Encounter

  1. No need of a bookie but Afhanistan gave fight against us. I am also an Indian and so cannot accept an India loss but I also support Afghanistan and so wanted them to fight. And that is exactly what happened. Hope they give better fight against SA. But overall they did not look clueless and were quite good for a debut. Hope they gain test status within the next few years.

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