Ian Bishop Loves Wavell Hinds

Really, he won’t stop talking about it! Ireland are currently creaming the West Indies, holding them back to 100-odd for 6 with only a handful of overs to go. Now, I’m sure Kieron Pollard (at bat) will redeem the Mumbai Indians final and all will be well in the Caribbean, but Ian Bishop’s doing that annoying commentator thing where they get fixated on an idea and refuse to let it go!

In this case, Bishop’s angry that Wavell Hinds was not selected, given that Chris Gayle was injured before the game. Fair enough point — no, more than that; it’s a damned good point. But one that he’s made in over 15, 16, and 17 (including a shot of Wavell Hinds sitting, leading to Bishop asking, “Why is he sitting there and not playing?” We know, Ian, we know).

Am I being too hard on Ian Bishop? Well, let me explain why! In the mid-1990s, I was a chota boy learning my maths in Fifth Standard at Campion School, Mumbai. The West Indians were in town on tour, and for some reason, they stopped by our humble institution. A few local boys tried to bowl at Brian Lara — who hit all the balls out of the nets — while the rest of the W. Indians had us line up for autographs.

Now, I had to leave this whole exercise early (being a busy lad, and all that). So I tried to go right up to the line for Ian Bishop and ask for an autograph, but he just looked at me and said, “There’s a line.” Yes, he was being fair, and yes, I should have told my piano teacher I couldn’t come that day (yes! PIANO! I had to choose between Ian Bishop and a stupid piano lesson!).

So if you’re out there, Ian Bishop: you hurt me deeply. And I hate Wavell Hinds for it.


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