Cricket Blog Deaths

In tribute to spring, I decided to clean my blogroll. I came across a few dormant scribes, so I wanted to post an “in memoriam” to:-

All Padded Up; Are You A Left-Arm Chinaman (say it ain’t so!); Beer And Sport; Cover Points (once a very faithful linker; now silent since summer 2009); Cricket 24×7 (in name only, alas); Cricket, The Brilliant Game! (now spam); Hawk-Mouth; Kameelperd Cricket Girl; Morning All; My Two Cents (this shouldn’t have ended, but it has); Off The Mark; Past Point; SouLBW; SpunOut; The Googly; The Silly Mid Off.

To those blogs whose deaths I’ve grossly exaggerated, sorry — email me and I’ll add you back. But to the others, it was good to read you when I could. Sorry I didn’t comment; you’ll be missed.

And to the rest of us zombies, keep those posts coming.


2 thoughts on “Cricket Blog Deaths

  1. Homer says:

    Thank you Sir for your kind words. Means a lot to me.


  2. sam says:

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