The Fake Anil Kumble IPL Player

Cricket Minded has a few stern words for Anil Kumble’s Twitter account, which  recently featured disparaging remarks on Jacques Kallis, Sreesanth, Malayalis and even the color orange. Purna writes:

His job is on the line, so he takes it out on others. Way to handle the pressure old man! Hey Anil, if you can’t deal with the captaincy, don’t take it. This: the tweeting, the public speaking, keeping it together when your job is on the line…all of this shit is part of being a captain.

OK — Twitter has already gotten Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor in trouble, so it’s not beyond the realm that Kumble would lose his usual reservations online. But even a cursory glance at the posts confirms that Anil Kumble isn’t Anil Kumble; some joker no doubt had the foresight to land the account and use it to his own benefit.

You have to look for the “Verified Account” sign on Twitter pages, Purna. And, really, so what if the “old man” wants to mouth off about Kallis? I think he’s earned it, no?


7 thoughts on “The Fake Anil Kumble IPL Player

  1. Purna says:

    Yeah, I admit I made a mistake in not veryfing the twitter account and I take complete responsibilities for the criticisms that I made centered around the organge cap tweet. However, the original post was a response to Anil Kumble saying something similar in a post match interview. When I went to do research this is the first thing I came across and just put it because I was too lazy. But I really get annoyed by teams/captains taking it for granted that Jacques Kallis will bear the burden of their follies everytime. He’s not allowed to be injured, tired or sick. He must perform ALL the time with the bat and the ball. Why? What are the other players doing? This was not an attack on Kumble alone but South Africa too. Every team that Kallis is a part of, is heavily reliant on him. And yet he performs all his duties reasonably well but must face criticism on the rare occassions that he doesnt. That too publicly. Extremely unfair. Kallis alone was not responsible for those RCB losses, although he played a part in it.

    How do you earn the right to ‘mouth off’ anybody though DB? Please explain.

    • duckingbeamers says:

      Oh, I’m just poking fun, Purna. I didn’t mean to call you out or anything, but the Twitter account is actually kind of funny — I wouldn’t mind if more cricketers talked more freely (you have to admit cricket press conferences are a little bland, right?).

      • Purna says:

        I like the twitter guy too but apparently he has upset Jacques Kallis and other people. I hope Mallya doesn’t hunt him down and shoot him.

  2. raj says:

    purna, the thing is not that Kallis didnt play well in one match or two thus costing RCB. The thing is he really didnt need to potter around 37 balls for 27 when Pietersen(or White), Uthappa and Taylor, not to mention Kohli were waiting in the dug out. No matter how much you have done for your team earlier, you either step on the gas or find a way to go away. See Haydos and Gilly – they arent firing but atleast they arent wasting balls.

    There is ample circumstantial evidence that Kallis played for his cap that day. Might be wrong but it is fair to have a go at him based on that evidence 🙂

  3. Mahek says:

    Raj, he did try to step on the gas that day. It didn’t come off. His dismissal provides circumstantial evidence for that too.

  4. Purna says:

    Raj, he was probably trying to stick around and win the match. You want to rely on him but you don’t want him to rely on himself to win a match? How’s that going to work?

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