The IPL-Government Conflict Of Interest (3)

Right, right. I know I promised to stop this line of attack on the IPL after this post and this post. But I can’t help regurgitating other people’s muckraking when it’s this good. Via The Times of India:

Accustomed to get a bagful of free passes for the matches in the past, several people in high positions like top politicians, bureaucrats, taxmen and cops were expecting the bounties to rain during the three IPL-3 matches in Jaipur this season. However, the IPL franchisees, who term their ventures an excellent investment model, have not been generous in obliging the high and mighty.

And the “aggrieved” sections are unrelenting. They are settling scores instantly, leaving nothing for the future. For them, it seems immaterial that cricket is being ruined and the organisers are feeling constrained to explore options other than Jaipur during the next IPL edition.

“On Saturday, Rajasthan Royals (RR) officials were detained for most of the day and they were quite shaken as it was a nightmarish experience for them,” a senior IPL functionary said, alleging that it was a pressure tactic to extract free passes. “It’s a low level act out of sheer greed. It’s indeed a very sad thing for cricket,” he added.

The article details the many seat arrangements that various dignitaries — Rajasthan Cricket Association officials, local political bigwigs, etc. — have tried to finagle. You have to wonder where all the fans sit. Interestingly enough, my home state of New Jersey is currently embroiled in a similar seat-reservation scandal. Really, IPL — you shouldn’t be taking any cues from the Soprano State.

One thought on “The IPL-Government Conflict Of Interest (3)

  1. Mahek says:

    There are a lot of passes given away for every game. I myself watched the Royals-Knight Riders game in Ahmedabad from the President’s Gallery, tickets to which were supposedly worth 40,000 rupees. In reality, almost all the seats in that section were reserved for sponsors. So when you got your ticket you also got this thing you had to wear around your neck and the stewards showed you to the seat allocated to the sponsor whose logo was on your pass. I had absolutely nothing to do with the sponsor from which I got my pass, and the same could be said of pretty much every person in that seating area.

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