Harbhajan Singh’s Wicked Innings

Harbhajan Singh just scored 49 runs off 18 balls for the Mumbai Indians. If he had hit that last ball, he would have scored the fastest half-century for the IPL (if I’m to believe the breathless commentary). It was an absolute fluke, and something to behold on the computer screen, but I can’t stand it.

There are two main reasons not to like Harbhajan Singh: the first, he seems like a jerk. I defended him against racism charges during the Sydney affair with Andrew Symonds, but I thought he was obscene then and impolite now.

He’s a classic Indian bully, acting all tough by slapping Sreesanth, or glaring at a bowler who accidentally tossed a beamer (which he, um, ducked), or yelling like a mad man after a fielder threw the ball to the wrong end (watch the highlights of the match against Deccan Chargers. Once they’re at 70/4, you see the incident I’m talking about — there was no chance for a run-out, but Singh just felt the need to yell anyway). Or even running across the ground after dismissing a South African tail-ender in Kolkota.

The second reason? He’s really not that great a bowler. Yes, he has his moments; he always does. He’s a star-performer when he wants to be, but he hands out those performances stingily. You’ll go a whole stretch of Test matches waiting for the Turbanator to show up; when he finally does, we’re supposed to act as if Moses just delivered us to the Promised Land.

Sigh. But enjoy the innings anyway. There’s really no justice.


One thought on “Harbhajan Singh’s Wicked Innings

  1. Purna says:

    No, no, no. Nobody should encourage him by enjoying his performance. Deccan should be punished for allowing him to bat like that!

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