Preity Zinta Ready To Sell Kings XI Punjab Stake?

Via The Financial Express, Preity Zinta may sell her 23 percent stake in the Kings XI Punjab to Videocon:

“We have made the offer to the team owners and talks are still on. In case they agree to sell the stake for between $200 and $225 million, we will buy. Whatever happens will happen after this season of the IPL,” Videocon Group chairman Venugopal Dhoot told FE.

It may not be just because Kings XI are doing atrociously at the moment. If that figure — $200 million — comes to pass, that would make for an amazing takeaway given that Zinta’s consortium bought the franchise for only $76 million just three years ago. I don’t see how this team could have zoomed in value that high that fast, especially given its low stature in the points table, but I’m not a businessman.

One thought on “Preity Zinta Ready To Sell Kings XI Punjab Stake?

  1. bajrang singh says:

    prety if you want every match please chang your team name king of panjab

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