Suresh Raina, Chennai Captain

The Chennai Super Kings have turned to Suresh Raina to lead them, now that M.S. Dhoni has injured himself. This is another one of those “this will make IPL more interesting than it is” moments (akin to my rooting for the Pathan brothers).

I say that because it’s been a curious thing to watch Raina mature since he made his ODI debut under Greg Chappell. At the time, I preferred Rohit Sharma over him, because the former seemed so elegant, so ready. As it turns out, it’s Raina who has batted with the saner head, and who is making more headway in the team. It’ll be interesting to see what effect captaincy has on this man, given that he hasn’t even cracked 24 years. (God, I can’t believe I’m older than Suresh Raina. What have I done with my life?)

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