The IPL Catch Product Placement

What exactly is a “Carbon Kamal” catch? Google has let me down; I assume either I’m not hearing Siva right (likely), or I’ve spelled this Indian company’s name wrong. On another sour note, I know it’s not original to point out the IPL’s blatant commercialism, but just when I think they’ve run out of products to place in the routine moments of the game — DLF Maximums, Citi Moments of Success — they go and take over the catch.

At this rate, there’ll be nothing left — LBWs, stumpings, run-outs — they’ll all be renamed for the highest bidder.

UPDATE: Reader Arvind B helpfully notes it’s actually “Karbonn kamaal.” A mobile company, apparently — now unless they’ve figured out a way to keep me from dropping my cell phone every 10 minutes, I’m still against this product placement.


2 thoughts on “The IPL Catch Product Placement

  1. Arvind B says:

    It is “Karbonn kamaal” catch from Karbonn mobile in India.

  2. james says:

    Waste man. Why watch if it upsets you so much. It is a different form of the game! I reckon your just a moaning loser. I bet your still watching it.Shut up and let the players that would otherwise have no career continue.

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