Waking Up To The Result On The East Coast

Samir Chopra adds the Eastern Standard Time to his list of woes about this side of the States (as well as the downright awful weather we’ve been having, I imagine?). Like him, I missed the dramatic post-Tea session on Day 1, when the South Africans lost their mind.

I wish I had seen it live — though the highlights on cricket-online.tv are excellent — but I also like waking up in the morning, scrambling over to the computer the first chance I get and firing up the Cricinfo scorecard to see what I missed. It’s a moment of absolute dread and excitement. This morning, for instance, I went to bed with India at 120/2 — seven hours later, they could have either collapsed in a heap or pummeled the South Africans into submission (as it turned out, they did a bit of both).

Reminds me of the times I went on vacation in other parts of India with the family, and without a television nearby, I’d beg my father to buy me a newspaper so I could read what happened on the tour. It’s not the greatest way to follow the game, but it has its perks too, Samir.


3 thoughts on “Waking Up To The Result On The East Coast

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