The Low-Down On Indian Selections

It’s funny to read about the various Indian selection critiques (why did they pick four seam bowlers when they knew they would only use two in the match, etc.) because for so long, we’ve had such a stable line-up. Ganguly, Tendulkar, Laxman, Dravid — they made things rather easy for the selectors, and for us. The prospect of their retiring — at some point in the next year or two, surely — means we’ll get to do that most Indian of things: pick apart the selection committee, choice by stupid choice.

But maybe the future won’t be that contentious. On the whole, I wasn’t too unhappy with M. Vijay or S. Badrinath. The former should have stuck around longer, and got out to an absolutely foolish stroke, but he looked solid. As did Badrinath — I’m amazed that he’s the oldest debutant Indian batsman; the man’s only 29 (that would be considered quite young in Australia). I’m not sure why he lunged at the Wayne Parnell delivery outside off-stump; otherwise, he seemed to show a straight bat, head over ball, textbook kind of approach.

I’m not yet sold on Suresh Raina for Tests; I prefer Rohit Sharma (Bombay boy, don’t you know) even though he keeps letting me down (an average of just 25 after 41 ODIs just doesn’t cut it). My heart remains set, though, on Irfan Pathan. Watching him lose his way was among the most heartbreaking affairs of the Chappell Era, and I’d like to see him make his way back before the rest of the young ‘uns settle in.


3 thoughts on “The Low-Down On Indian Selections

  1. Rishabh says:

    Irfan – the one that got away. He’s lost enough pace to not be a threat, and is only useful with the new ball, if/when he gets his inswing going.

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  3. godof86 says:

    I suppose the selectors should now have the courage to put a stop to the Yuvraj-in-tests experiment, and keep Badrinath there for good.

    Both Rohit Sharma and Raina seem to be too flashy for test cricket. And they are NOT Sehwag. One cannot play like Sehwag and survive in test cricket. Sehwag is a great and a one-of-a-kind.

    how about Manish Pandey? He has never let anyone down yet, in either of the three forms of the game.

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