Did Paul Harris Just Take Vijay’s Wicket?

Let me ask this again: Did Paul Harris, nobody’s idea of a good spinner, or even really a bowler, just take a wicket? Down the leg-side? After Murali Vijay spent nearly an hour playing himself in, again reaching 30-odd runs? That too sweeping for at most what could have been one run?

I don’t know how Harris takes wickets, but it always enrages me when he does. Even Graeme Smith knows this guy isn’t supposed to take wickets: he sent Harris to throw down some balls on the leg-side so batsmen, frustrated at not being able to score, would do something rash once the real stars of the show — Steyn, ahem, Steyn — showed up.

Argh! Did Murali Vijay just give away his wicket to Paul Harris?!

2 thoughts on “Did Paul Harris Just Take Vijay’s Wicket?

  1. Som says:

    Harris somehow manages to harass India. Ravi Shastri once said how we made a Lord Harris out of a Paul Harris. BTW, Harris is not bowling to the batsmen, he’s bowling to the footmarks. “If a wicket comes along, no harm”, Smith told him in the dressing room.

  2. Samir Chopra says:

    The worst part about Vijay’s shot, as quickly pointed out by SMG, was that he made no attempt to keep the ball down.

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