Mrs. Amla and Mrs. Smith

Quite a jarring image on NEO Cricket: a quick shot of a burqa-clad Mrs. Amla next to a white, blonde model Mrs. Smith. Daryl Cullinan then said: “See what a cosmopolitan society we have in South Africa.”

It’s interesting, because Mrs. Amla’s South African husband, Hashim, plays like an Indian, wristy and all, in a very un-Indian squad (South Africans prefer pace to spin; straight to wristy). Cullinan noted that most South Africans don’t develop that skill because of their hard, fast pitches. “That probably explains his success in India,” Ravi Shastri replied. We often talk about “Indian” or “Australian” ways of playing cricket, but it’s always something to behold the cricketing cultures transcend political borders. (See, e.g., Kevin Pietersen, hailed as a very un-English England player at the start of his career.)


One thought on “Mrs. Amla and Mrs. Smith

  1. godof86 says:

    Whoa, dude! That isn’t any white blond model, that is Slinky Minki herself!

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