How Disgusting Is A Cricket Ball Exactly?

AKA, what does a cricket ball taste like?

Shahid Afridi’s culinary curiosity has gotten me thinking: have you ever thought about how disgusting a cricket ball can end up after 50 overs of a cricket match? For one thing, at least half a dozen players have lathered on layers of spit on the thing, while the rest put on a dash of sweat before bowling it on a brown pitch.

Why on earth would you want to put this thing anywhere near your mouth? Especially when your side — at best — could end up with a series scoreline of 4-1? Was it worth it, Shahid?


2 thoughts on “How Disgusting Is A Cricket Ball Exactly?

  1. reina says:

    Oh God, I hadn’t even thought of that until I read this. I think I was happier before.


  2. I’m all for ball tampering, but couldn’t he have been more discreet with it? I mean, biting the ball? Really? Is that all Afridi could think of? Now I know why he bats like that!

    He could’ve just done something like talking to Naved while “absent-mindedly” scratching the seam kinda hard…

    Maybe he thought that there was only 1 camera in the ground! :O

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