Let The Pakistanis Play!

If only because it would get Bal Thackeray‘s goat. The latest from his hapless spokesman:

“This is not Shah Rukh, but the Khan in him that’s saying all this. Let Shah Rukh go and stay in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. He is not needed in Mumbai. (Shiv Sena chief) Balasaheb has made it clear that Pakistani players wouldn’t be allowed to play in the IPL or set foot in Maharashtra,” Raut said.

Raut did not stop at that. He warned Shah Rukh not to defy the diktat of the Sena. “There will be dire consequences if Shah Rukh defies the orders of the Sena chief. Shah Rukh must think twice before speaking. This is Maharashtra and the Shiv Sena chief’s writ runs here,” he said.

Let’s count the ways this is insulting: 1) It brings up the age-old taunt that Indian Muslims suffer dual loyalties, and cannot be both patriotic and Muslim at the same time. 2) Basic rule #1 of “rule of law” — it’s a government of law, not of men. Thackeray — an unelected official, by the way — isn’t some Maratha dictator who can close the borders. 3) So obsequious and embarrassing, no? Especially given that the Shiv Sena isn’t in the majority government in MH right now.


2 thoughts on “Let The Pakistanis Play!

  1. Benny says:

    forget the sena………they have always been inflammatory….you can’t straighten a dog’s tail……. personally, i think the ‘butt’ is inflaming the situation more from pakistan’s side, with their misplaced sense of pride and identity….it is not the IPL which is insulting or humiliating the pakistanis….the players are doing it by themselves on the australian tour!! if butt is really serious about the ‘pride of pakistan’, he’ll stop giving soundbites about another country’s domestic competition and take steps to improve pakistan’s cricket, especially their awful fielding and sloppy batting!

  2. Sam says:

    Bal Thackeray is a rut. He has been up in the hatred for everybody who speaks the other way than what he wants. he is a black spot.

    Having said that the other points raised in the conclusion out of this retard statement from him (about Indian Muslims) is not true.

    there are few idiots and bigots who question their loyalty. should not be read much into it. and BT has had a history about it.

    he is even opposing Aussies in IPL who would play in Mumbai games (CSK vs MI and stuff)

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