Why Keep The Pakistanis Out Of The IPL?

What does it possibly serve? I understand if the Indian government doesn’t want any national sporting ties with Pakistan. The break-off is meant to convey to the Pakistanis that the Indian government intensely dislikes some of its actions (which the Pakistanis would apparently not know if the two teams played, it seems).

But the Indian Premier League, as we’ve constantly been reminded since its inception, is a wholly private, profit-driven enterprise. Surely its franchises could have leaned sufficiently on the Indian authorities to understand that Pakistani players — well-paid entertainers who proved so successful only two years ago — did not constitute a threat to national security. (I mean, really! Denying visas to Pakistani cricketers? What possible reason is there to justify that?)

5 thoughts on “Why Keep The Pakistanis Out Of The IPL?

  1. Tifosiguy says:

    Save for Sohail Tanvir in IPL 1, the rest of the Pak blokes who took part did squat. Afridi was a major flop in whatever matches he played, and then after the first edition made crass remarks about VVS Laxman’s captaincy.

    Asif was a failure at Delhi. Misbah didn’t do anything of note for Bangalore, and Kamran Akmal was barely noticed in Rajasthan.

    Get your facts right mate, BEFORE you make the statement of them being successful !

    • duckingbeamers says:

      But facts are such annoying things, Tifsosiguy! Why bother with them?

      I think Afridi — or perhaps another player, can’t bother to check — noted that the Pakistani team has ideal Twenty20 players within its squad, having reached successive finals of the World Cup (and winning one year).

      Besides, they weren’t as bad you make them to be. I’ll grant you Asif’s failure, but Afridi had a pretty good bowling record (average of 25). Akmal only got to play six matches, and he also had a decent average in the mid-20s.

      Maybe not stellar (though Tanvir was the standout bowler by far), but certainly not the failures you make them out to be. And certainly not worth disbarring completely, given their global record.

  2. neel123 says:

    Mumbai massacre is still fresh in the minds of people.

    Any money made by a Pakistan would be used in terrorism against India.

    Why allow that to happen through Indian IPL .. ?

    • duckingbeamers says:

      Neel123, that doesn’t make much sense. Unless you think that Sohail Tanvir and Co. actively supports terrorists — and, really now, there’s no reason to think he does — then his making money doesn’t hurt anybody.

  3. Mahek says:

    If you have a problem with Pakistan making money off India then maybe you should go on a hunger strike and get distributors to not sell Bollywood movies in Pakistan. You should also condemn any other business ties between the two countries.

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