The Curious Case Of Bangladesh

I’ve always been a fan of the Bangladeshi cricket team — not once have I questioned the ICC’s decision to accord them with Test-nation status, and I always root for them (even when they’re playing against India). It’s important to realize that, for all the perennial defeats, they are still in their first decade of cricket. And, yes, they’ve only beaten a second-string West Indian team, but they came close to defeating Australia a few years ago.

It’s equally interesting to know just how difficult cricket is to gain a foothold. Is it just me, or is cricket an incredibly difficult sport to manage? It requires more equipment than other sports, and yes, the rules are complex — anyone who has ever played a pick-up game in India will fondly recall the endless pre-game disputes that inevitably break out (where should the boundary line begin? Does one-bounce out apply? What about the last wicket? Is LBW applicable? How many overs does each bowler get?).

The crucial point here is that Bangladesh has the talent. As more youngsters pick up the game, attend exclusive academies around the world, and play more cricket, the results will inevitably come. When it happens, I won’t be surprised.

One thought on “The Curious Case Of Bangladesh

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