Was Away On Vacation, Now I’m Back

Spent a week or two back in the homeland, and what a fortnight it was! Allegations of unplayable pitches and rampant corruption in the Delhi Cricket Association (where Virender Sehwag and G. Gambhir have launched a lonely reform effort); counter-allegations of Sri Lankans being a bunch of yella cowards who wouldn’t know a rising ball if it hit them right in the helmet’s grill (though that’s an interesting question — where’s the line between unplayable and a good pace-friendly pitch?); a Pakistani collapse and another deliciously bitter series of recriminations (It’s Akmal’s fault! No, Kamran, not Umar — we haven’t yet decided to bring him down and destroy him like the rest of ’em!).

Ah, just another day in South Asia. Good to be back.

2 thoughts on “Was Away On Vacation, Now I’m Back

  1. Nice 2 see u back again, I was just startin’ to wonder where u disappeared! 🙂

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