Dinesh Kaarthik Needs To Calm Down

What’s wrong with Dinesh Kaarthik that he always messes up spectacularly when pushed into the limelight? He’s lucky India won the third ODI, or that fumbled run-out of T. Dilshan (and the near-fumbled stumping of K. Sangakarra) would have landed him in serious danger.

But Kaarthik, believe it or not, isn’t all that bad a wicketkeeper, and he’s not at all a bad batsman either (I still remember him opening against England in England a couple of years ago, dealing with swing and a fiery R. Sidebottom).

On the other hand, you have to appreciate Kaarthik’s predicament: he only gets to play when he’s replacing M.S. Dhoni, India’s captain and best ODI batsman for some time now (and recipient of a Padma Shri award, apparently). That’s enough to add some pressure, not to mention Kaarthik’s unfortunate ability to look like a naive waif begging to be bullied (as his own teammate Ashish Nehra did during the IPL).

One thought on “Dinesh Kaarthik Needs To Calm Down

  1. Vinish says:

    D Kaarthik would have to develop extraordinary batting skills to be a permanent part of Indian team since there is no replaceing Dhoni, at least for a couple of more years. Another opportunity may be when Dhoni starts playing as specialist batsman (la Snagakaara). Who knows? 🙂

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