The Sulieman Benn-Johnson-Haddin Spat

I’m a bit late to this, being nearly 24 hours behind Brisbane, but a nasty little exchange between Benn-Johnson-Haddin on the field. I disagree with Chris Broad’s decision to suspend Benn for two ODIs; he was merely responding to an out-and-out aggressive show from Haddin (pointing bats and what not).

After all, the initial cause for the drama — Johnson and Benn colliding — was hardly rude; just a normal tussle. What escalated things was Haddin’s display, followed by some sharp words. Now, Benn could have just moved on — and he’d have a better case if he didn’t point at Haddin in the middle of the pitch — but cricketers aren’t supposed to be angels.

Watch the episode here:


One thought on “The Sulieman Benn-Johnson-Haddin Spat

  1. mspr1nt says:

    Bit silly to have him banned. As mentioned by several bloggers, cricket is a game of passion. It was heated and silly and childish, yes…but banning the big man for getting involved and standing his ground is a bit crazy. FREE SULIEMAN BENN!

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