The Tragedy Of Peter Fulton

We just had a brilliant Test match unfold between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. This is what sporting pitches can do (no disrespect to the Kanpur result). I’ll have many things to say about it, but I just wanted to talk about Peter Fulton, who, for God knows what reason, decided not to review his LBW decision in the 2nd innings even though he knew he had an inside edge.

I don’t know much about Fulton; the commentators seemed to imply he’s in dreadful form. But you just watch his face after he’s been given out, and your heart breaks. He touches his bat; sees the red mark; looks at the pitch and his partner (who’s looking down, almost out of shame), and then he walks off, resigned. He’s so low on confidence, the guy actually wanted to be given out and figured he’d be of more use in the dressing room.

This review system has thrown everyone for a loop, but this must be its saddest encounter yet. It’s almost an old-fashioned nod to fate and fortune: I know I wasn’t out; I know I can reverse it — but I won’t, because ’tis my time to go. (Watch it here, Part III video.)


2 thoughts on “The Tragedy Of Peter Fulton

  1. I too was watching this…..

    Even when you are low in confidence, Fulton should have challenged it. When he would be given not-out, he could have tried to bat into the innings a little more. This would have allowed him to gain his confidence to rise a bit in an inning in which New Zealand nearly didn’t score enough runs to restrict Pakistan. If you check out my blog, I recently wrote a post about the UDRS.

    And by the way, it was New Zealand vs. Pakistan…..

  2. Leela says:

    He had such a sad expression…poor guy.

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