Geoff Boycott Can Be Annoying Sometimes (No, Really)

Geoff Boycott’s commenting for the South Africa-England series. He’s full of great gems, and he didn’t disappoint during the 2nd ODI’s broadcast. He noted at some point in the match that while England weren’t favorites to win the series, it wasn’t advisable to count them because “when South Africa are the favorites, they never win.” Snap!

But Boycott also comes off like an inappropriate uncle these days. I think he thinks his advanced age allows him to speak his mind, consequences be damned (the man, after all, has faced cancer). During discussion about Johan Botha’s action — the bowler’s doosra was recently disqualified — Boycott kept going on (and on) about a perceived double standard that allows Murali to bowl, but not Botha.

Why is this annoying? Well, first, it’s not just that these are two separate subjects (does Murali have to be brought up when any bowler is put through the ringer?). It’s also that Boycott’s tone was just so imperious and naughty; he knew what he was saying was inappropriate (because, again, Murali’s action has been cleared before) but he just said it to the point it became clear he just wanted to put down Murali than say anything constructive about Johan Fucking Botha.

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