NEO Sports Sinks To Lower Lows Every Day

I’m not one to sink to profanity, but this rapid cutting to advertisements has got to fucking stop.

Mahela Jayawardene just played one of the great innings of his career, a marathon effort of more than 10 hours, when Amit Mishra finally bowled him. But rather than respect all rules of basic decency or centuries of cricket tradition and show the stadium applaud the batsman as he walks off his stage, NEO Sports decided to cut away to some stupid, utterly stupid advertisement about some kid in front of a car.

Let’s just put this into perspective: Mahela spent nearly half a day playing for the crowd and his team. He gets out, with more than 200 classy runs to his name, and just as he raises his bat — when any other broadcaster would show shots of a standing audience and let this great moment sink in, when even the opposition stood still in appreciation — this piece of shit excuse for a channel decided we should all see an ad for the 800th fucking time in four days.


One thought on “NEO Sports Sinks To Lower Lows Every Day

  1. Well, that’s why I thank the Gods that they have the match on a local Government TV as well in SL…they barely show any ads..perhaps abt 2 ads every 3 or 4 overs (we sometimes go about 3 over without any ad breaks)..

    I still remember NEO (or some other channel, not sure) doing the same when Sachin reached his record-breaking 35th century against SL in 2005…as soon as he raised his bat and looked to the heavens, BANG, there goes an ad! :S

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