Can India Back It Up In The 2nd Innings?

At some point on Day 3, M.S. Dhoni decided it wasn’t worth attacking the rampaging Sri Lankans. Instead, with the pitch showing no signs of tear, he would just wait it out. And wait. And wait — until lo and behold, Day 4 arrived, the two Jayawardenes had both passed century milestones and their growing lead looked downright obscene.

OK. So, this is the big question: can India survive in the 2nd innings, or will they collapse spectacularly, as they often have in the past? (See India v. England, Mumbai, 2006; India v. Pakistan, Karachi Test) Some demons will be put to bed if the Indians play this Test out for a draw. But I’m still skeptical.


One thought on “Can India Back It Up In The 2nd Innings?

  1. From what Russell Arnold said after the match, the only spots where there is spin on the pitch are the roughed up areas where the bowlers have gone through on their follow-up, which effectively means that the spinner will have to pitch it really full…giving the batsmen the chance to smother the spin or even drive the bowlers!

    In short, what Russell said was that it was going to be hard for the spinners, at least. If Welagedara & Prasad can get some swing early tomorrow, we might be in for a contest!

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