Wanted: Better Cricket Ads

I’ve complained many times before about the current structure of cricket broadcasts, which treat the actual sport as an inconvenient interruption to the stream of ads that pays the bills. Why channels feel they have to cut to the ads the moment a wicket falls or an over ends is beyond me; is there a quota they need to fill at the end of each day?

But fine, they have ads and they need to show them. Whatever. But at least, can we have better, different ads? Follow some easy principles here: first, you don’t need loud noises or obnoxious songs and volume to sell your product. Sure, it may work the first time you show the ad, but by the 90th time — after 90 overs, of course — it’s downright annoying. (This also applies to humor: I’ve seen some great ads, full of wonderful dialogue, ruined by repetition.)

Second, don’t show cricket ads during cricket games — obviously, you have a captive base; we’re not going anywhere, and yes, we’ll find out which channel is showing the next international series. Show the actual cricket instead of promising more.

And lastly, couldn’t we have different ads from more companies? Why just show off the same ones over and over again? What’s going on there?


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