Are ODIs Dead?

Samir Chopra has been making the point about ODIs again and again lately, and really, it’s quite persuasive. The current exhibits on display don’t inspire much confidence; who cares if Australia beats the hapless England, or if India beat the West Indies or if they win this Compaq Cup?

But could this sudden ODI problem be solely a function of the rise of the Twenty20 and the IPL? Or are we just seeing trends we’ve always known, like: 1) British people don’t care about ODIs, only Tests, and that too, only the Ashes; 2) No one cares about cricket in the West Indies, especially now; 3) Imagine you’re a Sri Lankan, and you have the choice to watch New Zealand — a team with no current stars other than their nerdy but excellent captain — play India. Would you go to the stadium?


So, I don’t know what we’re seeing. Still, I like the idea tossed around of dividing the ODI into two innings of 25 overs for each team, which would add a measure of complexity and nuance not inherent in the T20 edition. But a bigger question is this: if the ODI format does die, and broadcasters soon decide it isn’t worth the satellite fees — would it matter all that much?


6 thoughts on “Are ODIs Dead?

  1. Brits don’t care about ODIs, no one cares abt WI cricket and, frankly, NZ has taken over the mantle of having the shortest attention-span in world cricket with the demise of WI

  2. Som says:

    I think the Champions Trophy would give the answer whetehr ODI is dead or has just fainted.

  3. carl says:

    I like the idea of two 25 innings too. Call it 2t25

    kind of like the ring of that. talk about reducing it to 40 overs but then it would be double t20 and organizers may feel the format is too close to t20.

    whatever happens odi format will definitely be changing, and soon. Too much momemtum to stop it.

  4. Som, I suppose the ICC would give it electric shocks even if it was dead in order to give us the impression that it’s just fainted! =D

  5. Will dividing 50 overs into two innings make much difference? I’m not sure, but it will need to provide a challenge that neither Tests nor T20 currently does.

    T20 has stolen the ODI’s niche, and done a better job of it, so yes, ODIs are on death row.

  6. Well it will at least negate the toss to a larger extent…

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