Best Anti-Flintoff Post Of The Month

From Professor Chaos of We’ll Have a Bowl:

10927 runs at 51.06? 98 wickets at 37? That’s when you can start raising your arms like you just parted the Red Sea you fucking douche.

To be fair, Flintoff decidedly said he did not belong to the “greats” at his retirement conference. Still, that part-the-sea thing started to annoy even me, and I’ve had a soft spot for the big man for too long now.

Then again, for whatever reason, Flintoff enjoyed a visceral relationship with the crowds, both feeding off each other and, somehow, helping the team as a whole to rise as well. Don’t mean to smear God or anything, but given where England were in 2006, or even at Sabina Park, or, hell, even at the Fourth Test — well, parting the Red Sea doesn’t sound like much compared to their Ashes victory.


One thought on “Best Anti-Flintoff Post Of The Month

  1. Alex Massie says:

    Always enjoy reading your blog. Thought you might be interested/amused/appalled by this attempt to explain the merits of the draw to an American. I cite Calusewitz as my authority.

    Hope it makes some kind of sense. If it does and you felt like spreading the word amongst cricket bloggers that would be great.



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