Ashes Predictions Results

All accounatability and transparency here at Ducking Beamers. I made some Ashes predictions, now it’s time to see the strength of my cricketing brain. Appalling, apparently. Out of 19 queries, I only got four right. In my defense, that includes the overall 2-1 result. What else matters?

Predictions are first, followed by what actually transpired:

Most Runs Overall: Simon Katich — Wrong. Andrew Strauss takes the cake.

Most Runs England: Kevin Pietersen — Wrong once more. See above.

Most Runs Australia: Simon Katich — I was obviously obsessed with Katich. He did well, but not as well as Michael Clarke, who scored 448 runs at 64.

Most Wickets Overall: Jimmy Anderson – Nope. Ben Hilfenhaus! Who?

Most Wickets England: Jimmy Anderson — Alas, no. He’s third behind Stuart “I Won The Ashes” Broad and Graeme Swann.

Most Wickets Australia: Mitchell Johnson — Gosh no! But who could have foreseen this after that marvelous South Africa series?

Best Tosser (captain who wins the most tosses):  Ricky Ponting – Strauss called right, 4-1.

Man of the Series:  Ricky Ponting — His counterpart won the title, and deservedly so.

1st Test Result: Um, a draw. No, an Australian victory! — First guess right. We’ll discount that last bit.

2nd Test Result:  Australia — England.

3rd Test Result: England (Edgbaston, no?) — Draw.

4th Test Result: Draw — Australia.

5th Test Result: England (2-1, my friends, 2-1.) — Yes!

Overall series result:  2-1 — Double yes! I got the one that counts, right?


Number of Tests that lose overs to rain (note, not bad light): Five. Can’t trust English summers. — Can’t remember, but I think the answer’s four.

Number of Tests that Flintoff will be able to manage: One, as it turns out. — He managed more than that, thank all the ECB’s commercial sponsors.

Number of Tests won by an innings: One. — Ah, that fourth Test saves my day.

Number of Tests played by McDonald: Don’t know, and don’t care.

Number of Tests played by Lee: He was only dropped from the first Test because of any injury, yes? So, let’s give him three. — No. None.


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