Jonathan Trott’s Selection Not A Bad Idea

The Guardian reports Jonathan Trott will make his debut in the Ashes decider Test next week, with Ravi Bopara out. Given England’s history of avoiding-big-decisions and punting-down-the-line, I’m very impressed with the move. Four Tests and eight innings are enough practice for a man, and Bopara — who I so wanted to stick — didn’t make the cut.

Does it matter that an uncapped player will have to perform in one of the biggest Tests his country has played since, um, the Oval 2005? Well, I don’t know much about this Trott man (other than his stellar county form this year and his South African heritage), but Kevin Pietersen (another S.A. man, mind you) was only 4 Tests old himself when he walked out, hit 158, and saved the Ashes. Smaller coincidences have made a pattern.


2 thoughts on “Jonathan Trott’s Selection Not A Bad Idea

  1. Perhaps, in hindsight, selecting Trott is a better idea than Key or Ramps because we all know that the latter two would’ve either crapped their pants while coming out to bat or never be selected regardless of the result of this test! 😦

    And, BTW, could you do me a tiny favour and put me on your blogroll? I will do the same for you! A million thanks in advance! 🙂

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