Never Again Harmison

Not sure what lessons England will learn after their Headingley drubbing — their coach, Andy Flower, doesn’t think they’ve learned any since 2007 — but at least we can now settle the debate on Steve Harmison and  finally shove the man off the national stage once and for all.

It’s not often interminable selection debates are finally settled (witness the latest rush behind Mark Ramprakash, the other eternal anti-hero for would-be England reformers), but Harmison’s absolutely despicable “roobish,” as Geoff Boycott would say, should stay stuck in all our pro-Harmison craws for years to come. No more would-bes and what-ifs on this front anymore.

Now we can return to some other favorite dilemmas: Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle? Tylenol or Advil? Paul or John?


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