Brooklyn Cricketer Hit By Lightning

As they say, cricket’s a very dangerous game. Via The Daily News:

A cricket player was battling for his life Sunday night after being struck by lightning while racing off the field to escape a sudden thunderstorm in Brooklyn.

Patrick Gibson, 41, was barely breathing and his legs were badly burned after the Marine Park lightning strike, witnesses said.

“His pants were burned. His tongue was out of his mouth and his eyes were rolled back in his head,” said Kenneth Charles, 38.

Gibson was playing in his first game for the Brooklyn-based Stars United team when the wild weather chased players off the field at Avenue S and E. 32nd St. just after 4 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Cricketer Hit By Lightning

  1. Som says:

    And we thought Sehwag going berserk is the only danger a cricketer faces in his life!

  2. Ram says:

    We wish Pat Gibson speedy recovery and let mother Mary bless a wonder life ahead for Pat Gibson.

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