The Underdog Twenty20 Finalists

West Indies just started playing Sri Lanka, but I’ll be sorely disappointed if they win and this year’s World Cup will end as a battle between Pakistan and the Caribbean consortium. Don’t get me wrong; the two teams arrived there fair and square (Daniel Vettori’s ridiculous aspersions otherwise), but I think rightfully this was South Africa’s year. I also have very little respect for this Pakistani side for some reason, even though it’ll be a feat if the team reaches their second consecutive Twenty20 final despite selction issues and, of course, the country’s turmoil.

Still, I suppose this isn’t just the format’s inherent unpredictability, but the exciting tragedy of knock-out rounds.


3 thoughts on “The Underdog Twenty20 Finalists

  1. Q says:

    “I also have very little respect for this Pakistani side for some reason”

    Reason being?

  2. duckingbeamers says:

    Yeah, I figured that cryptic comment would get a rise from you. I don’t know — I rank Pakistan higher than the West Indies, but on a par with New Zealand. It’s mainly the unpredictability that leaves me exasperated (though it also earns a grudging respect, as my post states when it notes what a feat it will be if this team wins).

  3. Q says:

    Oh ok.. I was wondering if it was something else, besides their ranking / cricket ability, that made u respect them less…

    As far as where u rank them is concerned.. if u r speaking test cricket.. then I can maybe agree with you, even though we have had the better of NZ in tests for as long as I have watched.. ODIs, I would definitely rank Pak above NZ – again their record speaks for itself..

    Coming to T20 – all u need to do is take a look at the team records and see that Pak is among the top 3.

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