Against Star Cricket

Achettup declares war on Star Cricket, and I have to say I agree:

That’s because they were so busy trying to squeeze in two and bit ads between overs that you last saw Bhajji turn towards the umpire to get his jumper and next O’Brien on his way back after being bowled by an Ojha beauty…

They’re so fucking busy showing John Abraham metamorphising as all the other tournaments they’ve won contracts for (please GOD NO!), we end up missing the action – what they’ve actually got to be showing us. Take it away I say, take it all away and give it to the n number of players who want to get into that space. Give to people who can figure out a business model that doesn’t force them to cut the first and last ball of an over because they can’t figure out a competitive bid for nuts without the mandatory screwing of the viewer.

I’ll only add that if any network feels the need to show an ad every 2 minutes or so, it should at least make sure they have more than 3 ads to show each interval.

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