Siddons Makes Fun Of Bangladesh Cricket Team

Awkwwaaard! From Cricinfo:

[Bangladesh’s] chaotic batting prompted a withering assessment from an incensed coach Jamie Siddons, who, with captain Mohammad Ashraful alongside him, called it a “ridiculous” effort.

It’s really too bad about Bangladesh; I keep thinking they’re a reasonably good team that deserves more credit, but then their batsmen go ahead and so something silly, like throw a game against Ireland.

It doesn’t help that most of their batsmen are under 25; I guess this is what commentators mean when they say teams need players with good “cricketing brains.” On the other hand, when I watch games with Suresh Raina or Rohit Sharma, I’m always amazed how mature they make their ages look. In the real world — that is, the world away from the cricket field — you’re still considered fairly young in your 20s (the average age for marriage in the States hovers around 26, I think). In cricket, though, you’re considered ancient by the time you turn 33. So go ahead, Bangladesh — act your age!


One thought on “Siddons Makes Fun Of Bangladesh Cricket Team

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