Netherlands Beat England!

Associated Press

Associated Press

Commenter Krish was right; who cares about opening ceremonies when you have matches like this one! Surely the biggest upheaval in English-Dutch relations since William III succeeded the English throne after James. (History nerds, unite!)

You can watch video highlights of the match here. More textual fans can find a ball-by-ball description of the final over here. Meanwhile, Kridaya, as always, has impressive charts and scenarios; Uncle J Rod nicely rubs it in; English bloggers admit both embarrassment and good sport. The upshot now is England’s fate in the Twenty20 Cup largely lies with the other two teams’ performances. But if you’re still as foolishly hopeful for an England Ashes victory as I am, you can still hold on to a few things:

1) Who cares about Twenty20? Its promoters always saythe format collapses the difference between good teams and bad teams. Now that we’ve seen it happen, it seems unfair to conclude anything about England’s Test or ODI team. Did anyone really think the Royal Challengers Bangalore deserved to reach the final, as opposed to the Delhi Daredevils? If you say Twenty20 is unpredictable; crazy; here-there-everywhere, then relax. England’s not as bad as today makes it seem.

2) England now have a few weeks off, enough for Kevin Pietersen to nurse his Achilles Heel injury. Surely? 

And finally, in honor of the Dutch’s team’s color, I give you a scene from one of my favorite movies (rom-com lovers, unite!):


One thought on “Netherlands Beat England!

  1. Jrod says:

    I didn’t actually write that piece, an Englishman did, theskiver.

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