How Netherlands Beat England

1. Stuart Broad’s final over. Not the top reason, for sure, but there were at least three separate run-out chances that someone should have taken. And while David Lloyd thinks Broad needed to aim for the stumps on the final ball to prevent a draw, the resulting overthrow only sealed England’s defeat. 

2. Bad fielding. Bopara missed a run-out chance, after the wicketkeeper ran away from the stumps; Broad dropped a tough chance in the final over; some throws went to the wrong ends…

3. Holding Robert Key until the end, as Shah, Morgan and Collingwood dawdled. 

4. Abdul Adil Rashid. Why not Graeme Swann? This poor boy went for 36 off 4 overs, the worst of the bowlers used. 

5. The Netherlands. I’ll grant you I don’t know much about this group, other than IPL sensation “Dirty” Dirk Nannes. But some of their players stump for English counties, so it’s a strange case of England beating England here. Then again, there are other veterans who honed their craft in the Dutch cricket league and have nothing more to show than sheer scrappiness. Read up on Dutch cricket here. Apparently, they’ve been on a bit of a roll lately.


3 thoughts on “How Netherlands Beat England

  1. Q says:

    Adil Rashid 🙂

    Broad’s final over definitely made the difference.. besides the 3 run out chances and the drop, he could have just held the ball in his hand and left it for the Super Over to decide.

    Here’s some interesting stuff abt Dutch cricket – he is also 1 of the only 2 people on the web that I’ve seen predict the Dutch victory before hand:

  2. Cricket T20 says:

    with a good overall performance they got the success. how ever its a bad start for home team england..

  3. Som says:

    Broadly speaking, England imploded in that last over. i think Broad jr has not yet recovered from the Yuvraj shellacking he received two years ago.

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