Famous Minnow Upsets In Cricket

In honor of the Dutch revolution today, I thought of a few other famous underdog upsets. History suggests these moments are just flashes of brilliance, rather than the start of a sustained cricketing campaign. Will the Dutch be different?

Off the top of my head, in no order:

1. Bangladesh v. Australia, 2005. The first disappointment in a disappointing summer for the Aussies. Bangladesh, meanwhile, go nowhere, other than occasional future victories (like against Pakistan and South Africa). Highlights here.

2. Ireland v. Pakistan, 2007. Pakistan, bowled out for 132 by a bunch of nobodies. Fall of Pakistan’s wickets here

3. Kenya v. West Indies, 1996. The death-knell for modern West Indian cricket; even though the team reached the World Cup’s semifinals that year, it was clear its cricket had entered an inexorable decline. Watch it here.

What else?


7 thoughts on “Famous Minnow Upsets In Cricket

  1. Q says:

    Zimbabwe beating Australia – T20 WC 2007

    Bangladesh beating West Indies – T20 WC 2007

    Bangladesh beating India – ODI WC 2007

    Zimbabwe beating South Africa – ODI WC 1999

    Zimbabwe beating England – ODI WC 1992

  2. duckingbeamers says:

    Are Bangladesh minnows anymore? I understood it in 2005, because a) it was against Australia, the top team at the time, and b) it was Bangladesh, which hadn’t really registered yet.

    By 2007, however, I don’t think they could be taken lightly anymore; they did beat both India AND South Africa after all, no?

  3. Q says:

    Bangladesh have won only 1 T20 against major opposition in 8 games..

    and only 8 ODIs against major opposition in about 150 ODIs.

    I believe that still makes them minnows.

    You would not expect them to win against a major team, just like you won’t expect the Dutch, Irish, Scottish, Kenyans, Zimbabweans to win.

  4. duckingbeamers says:

    Fair enough. Though, really, at this point, you wouldn’t expect some well-established teams, like the West Indies, to beat other ones. That’s kind of what I’m saying: I wouldn’t expect Bangladesh to win much, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked the way I was tonight if they did.

  5. Q says:

    Yeah thats true.. say if Bangladesh beat India tonight, it would be as shocking. I agree with that.

    The question then is, when do teams break out from being tagged as “minnows”?

    If u take SL, I think they broke that notion in mid 90s. Maybe a bit earlier.

    Bangladesh and Zimbabwe still haven’t been able to break out of it.. but what should define the threshold?

  6. Q says:

    *not would be… wouldn’t be as shocking.. typo.

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