South Africa’s Transformation Policy Yields Results

South African freelance writer Telford Vice has a strong, pro-affirmative action piece in Cricinfo, which makes sense given the national team’s recent victories:

“The first inkling of this happy day finally breaking came when South Africa won their Test series in England last year. The squad included seven players of colour, a fact that had been held up as a reason for South Africans not to be too cheerful about the impending rubber. “A mixed team went to England and came back with a series win; that hadn’t happened for 30 years,” said commentator Aslam Kota. Ashwell Prince scored two vital centuries and Hashim Amla another. A bloke with fire in his belly didn’t get a game. His name? JP Duminy.

Seven black players were also in the squad for last season’s tilt at South Africa’s Holy Grail: a series win in Australia. Duminy replaced the injured Prince, and the runs boomed off his bat much like his confidence leapt at opponents. His 166 in Melbourne, where South Africa clinched the series, is destined to be celebrated among the finest innings played in this country’s cause. Amla, meanwhile, was his regular rock-like self with three half-centuries in the series.”

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