Taking On Jimmy Anderson

Just when I started to like Jimmy Anderson — that is, think he has a chance against the Australians — Samir Chopra at Eye on Cricket writes the biggest smackdown I’ve ever read. This is in regards to Anderson’s blow-up with Fidel Edwards:

Anderson is an unbearably petulant little ninny when he bowls; my only regret in this Edwards episode, which sadly, I appear to have missed, is that Fidel didn’t manage to knock some sense into that pretty little head, preferably with a ringing-in-the-ears-inducing knock on the helmet.


One thought on “Taking On Jimmy Anderson

  1. damian says:

    Anderson is an out and out wanker. Maybe he should move to the West Indies because he can only take test wickets against this team.

    when he plays against real teams like Aus, S.A. and India he struggles big time.

    It’s not good enough to have this 2nd XI player in the team, but then again if he and his average mates werent around who’d make that prat Peterson look good

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