Shilpa Shetty and The IPL Closing Ceremony

Why did the ubiquitous Shilpa Shetty, part-owner of the Rajasthan Royals, fail to show up for her scheduled dance in the IPL closing ceremony? From “ThaIndian News”:

“I was just not prepared. It was an international platform, not some village nautanki. I had to be fully ready. And I just didn’t get time to rehearse. So I regretfully had to say no. But I’d rather not give anything less than my best when I’m representing my country,” Shilpa told IANS.

Not that I care, but I’m sure Shetty could have found some time, what with her constant appearances at Royals matches. Either she was unceremoniously dumped, or the ceremony organizers had enough of Shetty’s endless self-promotion.

And what about Preity Zinta, always ready with a cheer for her Kings XI Punjab? Here’s some more completely unsourced, probably untrue, baseless speculation:

The co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab was nowhere to be seen when her team was being awarded the Kingfisher Fair Play Trophy . The reason, well pretty obvious Preity did not want to stand next to her ex beau Ness Wadia while the trophy was being awarded.


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