Giving Away Twenty20 Club Secrets

Is it going to be awkward for IPL franchise players to suddenly play against each other in the World Cup?  I wonder if they felt they shouldn’t let on too much during the tournament, lest they give away their favorite strategies and game plans to potential opposition. 

Apparently not. Here’s South African coach Mickey Arthur:

Apart from the cricket, Arthur said, [South African players] returned with information from players of other international teams who were involved in the Indian league. These inputs have been added to the South African tournament blueprint during a short strategy-cum-bonding camp that the team, which leaves for England on Friday, assembled for after the IPL.

“The IPL has been very good for our players,” Arthur said. “They have got stuck in and taken responsibility for their franchises. We have discussed what the guys did well and what they haven’t. We will use that information on completing our eventual final blueprint.

“We wanted them to find out whether anything was being done differently by other teams. By and large, though, there isn’t much of a difference from what we have on our original blueprint. But it’s always good to get some outside information about other strategies.”


One thought on “Giving Away Twenty20 Club Secrets

  1. Q says:

    If everyone was doing that, i.e. sharing team strategies and thoughts, then it puts everyone on an even keel.

    Except the Pakistanis, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands who had no representation at the IPL!

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